Custom Gunsmithing

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Customizing and Gunsmithing

We specialize in custom rifles built to meet our customers’ needs. When you buy a custom rifle from us, you know it will be built to order, designed to your specifications and be a perfect fit.

We offer:

  • Cerakote services
  • Accurizing
  • Fluting and threading services
  • Mount scopes, Bore sighting, Load development
  • Bedding Services

A few of the things you can customize when you work with us:




  • Colors
  • Barrels
  • Installation
  • Enhancements

We can also enhance a rifle you already own with the following services:




  • Replacement of barrels or flute barrels
  • Replacement of factory trigger with custom or upgraded triggers
  • Accurizing
  • Cerakote

Pro-Shop Accessories

Our pro-shop is fully stocked with all the accessories you need to enhance your firearms. We provide rifle slings, stocks, scopes, modifications and just about anything else you need to customize your rifle.


Ready For Your Custom Rifle?


Tyson, I recently purchased a custom Remington 700 26 Nosler, with a 26"Carbon fiber barrel sitting in a HS precision stock,the gun looks amazing, and it shoots a lot better than it looks, didn't know you could buy a gun that shoots so well. Out here in south Texas you never no just what kind of shot your going to have, but this 26 Nosler I purchased from you can handle them all. This rifle will out perform all that I have ever owned and I will recommend anyone who wants a custom build to come you way, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and will build you exactly what you are looking for.
Thanks again



Tyson, I'm very happy with the 6.5 Creedmoor you made for me. I'm comparing it to my Savage 308 rifle that I purchased last year. For just a few hundred more I have a custom rifle that shoots groups at 300 yards that fit in a quarter repeatedly. The fluted barrel & bolt are the talk of the range as well as the custom burnt bronze barrel & Armor Black McMillan stock. The threaded rifle barrel fits perfectly with my suppressor.
Thank you


NRA Instructor