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“C Precision Rifles was born from my love for the outdoors, hunting and long range shooting sports. I grew up in the small town of Dallas, Georgia with a dad that taught me how to hunt and shoot at an early age. He showed me how rifles, pistols and shotguns operate and mostly what it meant to keep myself and people around me safe.”

– Tyson Crabbe, Machinist-Master Gunsmith, C Precision Rifles


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We aren’t your average gun dealer and we don’t have a middleman. We are a custom shop that designs each of our rifles from the ground up, starting with a personalized blueprint and ending with a test shot to check for accuracy before the rifle is in your hands.

Our specialty is building customized precision bolt-action rifles. We offer everything from basic rifle platforms to full out customization options chambered in a wide selection.

Our product line includes full customization options for Bolt Action Rifles, AR-15 type rifles, and Handguns.

We take great pride in our ability to design and build exactly what our customers are looking for. Our craftsmanship is top quality and our products are affordable.

For more than 10 years our gunsmith has been working directly with our customers to build specialized rifles. Our process starts with assessing your needs and then drawing up blueprints so your rifle does exactly what you need it to.




Then, everything is single build cut from the center line of the bolt. The craftsmanship that goes into our rifles is what makes them masterpieces. We design barrel contours based on your needs, add a custom paint job and bed the recoil lugs and stock. Finally, we’ll test fire the rifle once on our private land to make sure it works perfectly and meets our accuracy standards before we deliver it to you.

This entire process only takes about four weeks. Larger orders can be completed in 45 to 60 days, and we work with our customers to set a timeline that meets their needs. All of the work is done on site, we aren’t waiting for parts or working with vendors, so we have the ability to meet your needs and deadlines.

Our pro shop has everything you need to deck out your rifle with the accessories you need for hunting, long-range shooting and other rifle sports. We carry rifle slings, rifle stocks, scopes, modifications and more.

Whether you are thinking about buying your first gun or already have a large collection, a C Precision Rifles gun is the best firearm purchase you can make.

Are you ready to have your own custom rifle designed and built just for your needs? Contact us for a free consultation with our master gunsmith.

“C Precision Rifles is dedicated to providing the highest quality rifle builds and custom gunsmithing services, bar non and at any price. We have established a reputation with our customers so much that many of them have purchased multiple rifles from us.”

– Scott Levere, M.D. CFO, C Precision Rifles


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“Tyson, I recently purchased a custom Remington 700 26 Nosler, with a 26″Carbon fiber barrel sitting in a HS precision stock,the gun looks amazing, and it shoots a lot better than it looks, didn’t know you could buy a gun that shoots so well. Out here in south Texas you never no just what kind of shot your going to have, but this 26 Nosler I purchased from you can handle them all. This rifle will out perform all that I have ever owned and I will recommend anyone who wants a custom build to come you way, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and will build you exactly what you are looking for.
Thanks again”



“Tyson, I’m very happy with the 6.5 Creedmoor you made for me. I’m comparing it to my Savage 308 rifle that I purchased last year. For just a few hundred more I have a custom rifle that shoots groups at 300 yards that fit in a quarter repeatedly. The fluted barrel & bolt are the talk of the range as well as the custom burnt bronze barrel & Armor Black McMillan stock. The threaded rifle barrel fits perfectly with my suppressor.
Thank you”


NRA Instructor